Grand Valley 2045 Regional Transportation Plan Update

The 2045 Regional Transportation Plan Update and Mesa County Coordinated Transit and Human Services Transportation Plan are now available for your reference and use below.

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Thank you to the members of the public, the Steering Committee, and the staff at our partner agencies for their valuable participation in the planning process. The support and partnerships were crucial for ensuring the plan Vision Statement and Goals reflect regional mobility needs, that all data used to inform plan recommendations was current and accurate, and that all efforts to identify problem areas along with corresponding solutions were comprehensive.

Comments or questions are welcomed by email at or mailed to Mesa County RTPO, Dept. 5093, P.O. Box 20,000, Grand Junction, CO 81502-5001.

Project Background

The Grand Valley’s growing economic base, location, and high quality of life have attracted new residential and commercial development over recent years. This growth has resulted in changes in transportation needs and a desire to ensure short-term action and a long-term vision for transportation that meets the needs of the community.

The 2045 Regional Transportation Plan team worked closely with the community to develop a framework for a balanced multimodal transportation network that builds off the Grand Valley’s existing transportation system, and addressing the region’s transportation needs through identifying new opportunities.

What is the 2045 Regional Transportation Plan and why did we update the 2040 Plan?

  1. Identifies prioritized multimodal projects for implementation
  2. Ensures the vision, goals, and priorities reflect the desires of the community
  3. Mandated to be updated every 5 years in order to qualify for Federal funding
  4. Reflects the quickly changing transportation industry by profiling recent changes in technology and innovation 



Project Kick-Off

Mid-July 2019


Existing Conditions Complete

Mid-August 2019


Phase I of Public Outreach

August to Mid-September 2019


Phase II of Public Outreach

End of October to Mid-November 2019


Draft Recommendations Complete

End of November 2019


Plan Adoption

February 24, 2020

Scenario and Resiliency Plan Complete

February to April 2020

Concurrent Efforts

There are multiple planning efforts going on at the local and statewide level. We are collaborating with Grand Junction, Fruita and CDOT but encourage you to fill out these surveys as well.

Grand Junction Comprehensive Plan
Fruita Comprehensive Plan
CDOT Statewide Transportation Plan
Grand Valley Regional Transportation Planning Office (RTPO)
Grand Valley Transit

Project Team

Feel free to contact us with questions or feedback or if you need any special accommodations reading or interpreting this material.

Dana Brosig

Dana Brosig

Mesa County Regional Transportation Planning Office

Dean Bressler

Dean Bressler

Mesa County Regional Transportation Planning Office

Carly Sieff

Carly Sieff

Consultant - Fehr & Peers